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Tuition Fees

Allied American University Tuition & Fees

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Program Costs: Military Tuition

Maximum # of CreditsTuition Per Credit HourMaterialsFeesApproximate Maximum Cost
Associate of Arts - General Studies60$250Book Grant$75$15,075
Associate of Science - Business Administration60$250Book Grant$75$15,075
Associate of Science - Computer Information Systems60$250Book Grant$75$15,075
Associate of Science - Criminal Justice60$250Book Grant$75$15,075
Bachelor of Arts - General Studies120$250Book Grant$75$30,075
Bachelor of Science - Business Administration120$250Book Grant$75$30,075
Bachelor of Science - Computer Information Systems120$250Book Grant$75$30,075
Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice120$250Book Grant$75$30,075
Certification Programs15$250Book Grant$75$3,825

Program Costs: Non-Military Tuition*

Maximum # of CreditsTuition Per Credit HourMaterialsFeesApproximate Maximum Cost
Associate of Arts - General Studies60$310TBD**$135$18,735
Associate of Science - Business Administration60$310TBD**$135$18,735
Associate of Science - Computer Information Systems60$310TBD**$135$18,735
Associate of Science - Criminal Justice60$310TBD**$135$18,735
Bachelor of Arts - General Studies120$310TBD**$135$37,335
Bachelor of Science - Business Administration120$310TBD**$135$37,335
Bachelor of Science - Computer Information Systems120$310TBD**$135$37,335
Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice120$310TBD**$135$37,335
Certification Programs15$310TBD**$135$4,785
* Tuition rate of $310 is effective for non-military students who start on May 6, 2013 or later. **Non-military students are required to purchase course materials. Cost of materials is based on many criteria and can vary significantly.

Payment Plans

No tuition assistance program to help pay for school? No problem! At Allied American University, tuition is EXTREMELY REASONABLE. AAU offers very attractive, easy-to-manage payment programs with NO INTEREST.

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Payment Plans
Number of Courses1234
Total Tuition$930.00$1,860.00$2,790.00$3,720.00
Minimum Down Payment Upon Enrollment$465.00$930.00$930.00$930.00

Student Balance$465.00$930.00$1,860.00$2,790.00
Monthly Payment$232.50$232.50$465.00$697.50
Total Number of Monthly Payments4444

Payment Plans for Military, Military Dependents and Veterans
Number of Courses1234
Total Tuition$750.00$1,500.00$2,250.00$3,000.00
Minimum Down Payment Upon Enrollment$375.00$750.00$750.00$750.00

Student Balance$375.00$750.00$1,500.00$2,250.00
Monthly Payment$187.50$187.50$375.00$562.50
Total Number of Monthly Payments2444

Fee Schedule

One Time Up-Front-fees
  • Application Fee $35**
  • Transfer Credit Evaluation Fee $25**

**Fees waived for Military, Military Dependents, and Veterans. Other miscellaneous fees may apply. Please call for details.

Please see the Cancellation, Withdrawal and Refund Policy for information on the non-refundable portion of total tuition for students who withdraw from the University. Other charges, including non-sufficient funds on returned payment may be assessed based on student activity.


Effective with the 2013-2014 school year, the U.S. Department of Education has established new regulations to prevent fraud and abuse in the Federal Pell Grant Program by identifying students with unusual enrollment histories. Some students who have an unusual enrollment history have legitimate reasons for their enrollment at multiple institutions. However, such an enrollment history requires a review to determine whether there are valid reasons for the unusual enrollment history. This must be resolved before you will receive financial aid.

Federal Student Aid
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For a clear understanding of our policies regarding Cancellation, Withdrawal, Refunds and Federal Aid, take some time to review AAU’s policies and procedures page.

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