AAU Financial Aid Department

Tuition and Financing

Welcome to the AAU Financial Services Department

If you have questions about financial aid, we have highly-qualified and knowledgeable staff members who will be happy to walk you through the entire process.

Tuition and Fees

AAU offers an array of financial aid programs and financial assistance to meet the fiscal needs of all our current students.

Do You Qualify for Financial Aid?

Financial aid is only offered to current students at this time. If you are looking to enroll, please visit the Admissions page.

Financial Aid Handbook

Check out the AAU Financial Aid Student Handbook to learn more about your options and how to navigate the enrollment process.
Download AAU Financial Aid Handbook (PDF, 308KB)

Federal Student Aid
Get the information you need with educational videos that relate to Federal Student Aid as well as learn how to navigate the overall process.
For a clear understanding of our policies regarding Cancellation, Withdrawal, Refunds and Federal Aid, take some time to review AAU’s policies and procedures page.

Tuition Fees

AAU believes that your education, not your student loans, should follow you throughout your career. Find out AAU’s tuition costs and fees.

Financial Aid Student Handbook

Learn more about student funding with the AAU Financial Aid Handbook.

Net Price Calculator

Use this handy calculator to figure out the cost of your college education.

Student Consumer Information

As an enrolled student, you can access AAU’s disclosed consumer information. Learn more about the availability of financial assistance and institutional information.

Disbursement Schedule

Learn more about the financial aid disbursement schedules for Pell Grants, Student Direct Loans and stipends.