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Career Assistance FAQs

Getting to Know AAU’s Career Assistance Department

Q: What is the main goal of the Career Assistance Department?
A: The main goal is to encourage our students until they find employment! One of the core goals is to keep students motivated and to start that process early. We start them way before they are done with their course. At AAU, the focus is on retention, working hard to get our students excited about what they are going to do once they’re done. That’s really important.

Q: How does AAU Career Assistance stay on the same page as the other departments at AAU?
A: Every week, Career Assistance, Student Services and the deans get together for a core group meeting. This ensures that we are all on the same page, addressing the same concerns and coming up with solutions as a whole. We are also notified by the Program Success Advocates (PSA) when students get closer to the end of their programs.

Q: In what ways does the Career Assistance Department maintain the relationship with its students?
A: To highlight the importance of career support, and to really just get that spark going for our students, we’ve incorporated Career Assistance into the curriculum. During their program, we keep in touch, help them get excited and keep them motivated to achieve a result that will ultimately benefit their post-school career.

Once they are done with the course, we help them with résumés, cover letters, interviewing skills and that sort of thing. We then keep in contact with them even after they land a job. This helps us get a sense of their progress, as well as allows us to continue to foster that relationship and community.

One of the things we are doing to build this community is to utilize our graduates to help current students who may be struggling or in need of some personal guidance from a student that has recently gone through it themselves.

Q: What are the future plans for the Career Assistance Department?
A: Our plans include:

  • Create online workshops through LinkedIn
  • Implement a communications plan to include social media
  • Increase student participation in events, resources, and services offered
  • Partner with departments across the division to inform students about upcoming events and workshops
  • Emphasize and teach employability skills
  • Expand in-service professional development of the staff
  • Seek input from former students, parents, employers, community leaders, and member districts on ways to expand and improve programs
  • Work toward partnerships with more employers
  • Create employer surveys to inform future program improvements
  • Implement the Career Peer Program


Phone: (888) 394-0849 ext. 7686
Email: aaucareers@allied.edu
Hours: 7 a.m.–4:30 p. m. Monday to Friday (PST)

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