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Student Services

Welcome to Allied American University Student Services

AAU assists students with their education from start to finish. From providing a comprehensive education plan to preparing you to walk on your graduation day, AAU is with you every step of the way.

Take some time to get to know what resources are available to help you finish your education as quickly and easily as possible. Below are some tools to assist you through your academic experience here at AAU.

Student Bookstore

AAU makes it easy for you to get your textbooks and class materials. Once you’re enrolled, you’ll have complete access to all the course materials you’ll need in one convenient location. Log in to the AAU bookstore to purchase your books.

Career Center

AAU offers students the opportunity to research and prepare for their transition to their new career. Get help with your resume, research the job market and set careers goals to help you stay on track. If you have questions about what to do after graduation, the AAU Career Center is a great place to start.

Request Transcripts

If you’ve had some college experience in the past but never got your degree, AAU will review your transcripts to make sure you transfer as many credits as possible. See how many of your previously earned college credits will transfer to AAU.

University Catalog

Find out everything you need to know about AAU and more with this downloadable student catalog. Learn about everything from AAU’s accreditation to in-depth information about available degree and certificate programs. It’s all here in the University Catalog.

AAU Student Handbook

Once you’re on the road to becoming a student, this helpful guide will explain everything you need to know, from the admissions process to student support. Student rights and roles are also explored in this handbook. Download your copy of the AAU Student Handbook today.

Students with Disabilities

AAU supports students with disabilities. If you or a loved one is a special needs student, please talk with an AAU admissions representative at (888) 384-0849 and we will be happy to discuss how AAU can accommodate your situation.

Student Complaint Process

Should you need to communicate with the school about an issue or concern, we have included a process to help you address them in a timely manner. Download a copy of the Student Complaint Process.

AAU Textbook List

View a list of AAU approved books and course materials.


Find out details about Allied American University’s 2015 graduation ceremony.

AAU Bookstore

Find quick and easy access to our interactive bookstore as well as all-inclusive merchandise store.

Transcript Request

Do you need official AAU transcripts? Simply fill out this form to receive your transcripts within 2 - 3 business days.

Honors Students

It is our great pleasure to announce the latest Allied American University students to be recognized for academic excellence.

Student Resources

Our goal at AAU is to provide the attention you need during every aspect of your education. This means providing the student resources you need to achieve success.

Students With Disabilities

AAU recognizes its responsibility for creating an institutional atmosphere in which students with disabilities have the opportunity to be successful.

Career Assistance

The AAU Career Assistance Department is the gateway to our students’ career planning process. Keep up with the latest industry news and career outlooks.

Student Rewards Program

This program allows students to earn reward points for doing the things they would already be doing like: finishing homework, participating in class, or getting good grades.

Career Assistance FAQs

Learn about AAU’s Career Assistance Department and get your questions answered.

Support Request

Have a question? Send us a message and help will be on the way.