Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies

Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor of Arts in General Studies

(CIP Codes 52.01 - 52.99)

Program Description:

The purpose of the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree is to prepare students to succeed in challenging positions in business, industry, and not-for-profit organizations. The program allows students to individually tailor their online college program to combine a substantial core set of general education courses with an emphasis on courses in career-related areas.

Concentrations Available:

  • Business
  • Criminal Justice

Program Learning Outcomes:

Our online students can design an undergraduate program that can more readily meet their career and personal-development goals. Students will learn concepts and skills from a broad base of career-related areas to create solutions to contemporary problems. Students will possess the critical skills needed to integrate and complement their individual interests, abilities, and intellectual and practical concerns. Students will also learn to:

  • Analyze social, economic, and political influences on personal and social behavior
  • Identify the structures in organizations that interact in social and professional environments
  • Differentiate the roles and tasks of leaders and professionals in a variety of disciplines and fields
  • Use technology and other resources to remain current in the student’s chosen field of personal and professional interest
  • Make effective personal and professional decisions using appropriate analytical and critical thinking processes
  • Identify and analyze legal and/or ethical issues that arise in individual and social practices and institutions
  • Demonstrate effective writing skills in professional environments

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Career Outlook
With a general studies degree, you can enjoy a fulfilling career in a wide range of areas. Learn more about some obtainable careers in this field.

Associate Degree

This program provides a classical education and allows students to individually tailor their program to combine a core set of general education courses with an emphasis on courses in a career related area.