Homeland Security

Homeland Security Certificate

Homeland Security Certificate Program

(Certificate Code: AAU-CJ09)

Required Courses

CRJ 100: Introduction to Justice Administration

3 Term Credits
The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the justice administration system, encompassing police, and courts and corrections management. These three institutions must work together to achieve an effective overall system for the protection of public safety and order, the impartial and fair trial of those accused of crime, and the enlightened confinement and rehabilitation of those found guilty to minimize the rate of recidivism.

CRJ 140: Introduction to Terrorism

3 Term Credits
This course provides a theoretical and conceptual framework that enables students to understand how terrorism arises and how it functions. It focuses on the domestic and international threat of terrorism and the basic security issues surrounding terrorism today. It covers essential historical background on the phenomenon of terrorism and the roots of contemporary conflicts, includes detailed descriptions of recent and contemporary conflicts shaping the world stage, and presents theoretical and concrete information about Homeland Security organizations.

CRJ 145: Introduction to Emergency Management

3 Term Credits
This course provides a comprehensive examination of the background components and systems involved in the management of disasters and other emergencies. It details current practices, strategies, and the key players involved in emergency management in the U.S. and around the world. It covers local and state issues, particularly as they relate to FEMA and other federal agencies, and examines how public administrators are locally tasked with protecting their communities. This course also explores FEMA’s continually changing role within the Department of Homeland Security and the impact and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Lessons include proper planning, mitigation, in-crisis decisions, evacuation, recovery, and how managers can avoid devastating breakdowns in communication and leadership during a terrorist event or natural disaster.

CRJ 150: Introduction to Homeland Security

3 Term Credits
This course addresses the functions of Homeland Security and critical infrastructure and asset protection as they relate to government, industry, and the community. The key functions of threat prevention, crisis response, and operations recovery are addressed from a variety of perspectives given that homeland security is a responsibility that is shared by government agencies, the private sector, and individuals, encompassing a broad spectrum of professional career positions throughout our society.

This course provides an overview of the elements involved in the homeland security function, as well as the challenges critical infrastructure managers in government and industry can and will face while maintaining mission operations and staff accountability in the midst of multiple overlapping roles and responsibilities in our rapidly changing world.

CRJ 302: Effective Professional Communication

3 Term Credits
This course provides an understanding of research and communications in a professional environment. It familiarizes students with the techniques, strategies and forms of writing used in the professional world. This course will increase students’ knowledge of organizational writing and communications including case analysis, data interpretation, problem solving and report writing.

CRJ 335: Kinesic Interviewing

3 Term Credits
Prerequisite: CRJ 200

Of all the topics taught in law enforcement academies and criminal justice training centers throughout the United States, one of the most critical topics is the principles of interview and interrogation. This course equips the criminal justice student with a complete and practical set of procedures and techniques needed for interviewing and interrogation. It is vital to any case that investigators obtain essential information from victims, witnesses and informants, and that confessions from suspects stand up to court scrutiny.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Private Security Certificate

This certificate program is designed for students who are interested in pursuing careers in the private security of individuals, retailers, hospitals and other businesses.