Management Certificate

Management Certificate Program

(Certificate Code: AAU-BUS06)


BUS 105: Introduction to Business Writing

3 Term Credits
Prerequisite: None

This course is designed to teach the basics of business writing. Topics include the different types of dictionaries and what is and is not included in these dictionaries. Basic grammar, style, and writing skills will be reviewed. This course will begin with a background lesson on parts of speech and sentence structures and then will progress into more specific areas, such as nouns, verbs, modifiers, punctuation, capitalization, and numbers.

BUS 100: Introduction to Business

3 Term Credits
Prerequisite: None

This course is a broad survey of fundamental business concepts, such as management, marketing, human resources, and financial management and policy. General principles of business ethics and business law are also discussed. This course introduces students to the business and commercial world, while it lays the foundation for their meaningful participation in more advanced classes.

MGT 105: Essentials of Management

3 Term Credits
Prerequisite: None

This course offers a skill-based and practical approach to management education. It provides a concrete understanding of how processes such as planning and decision-making, theories of organization, leadership and motivation, relate to business activity. Through exercises and case studies, students’ managerial skills are developed and critical thinking is honed.

MAT 115: Business Problem Solving

3 Term Credits
Prerequisite: None

This course applies algebraic concepts to business problems, to develop and improve technical, quantitative and critical thinking skills in analyzing business issues.

BUS 240: Principles of Business Communications

3 Term Credits
Prerequisite: ENG 160 or BUS 105

This course focuses on the principles of communication as specifically applied in the business environment. It equips students with written and oral communication skills necessary for success in contemporary business organizations. It offers the proper use of communication tools to promote business goals. Amid today’s advancing technology, emails, instant messages, websites, and blogs are fast becoming part the communicator’s kit in addition to printed documents.

BUS 306: Business and Society

3 Term Credits
Prerequisite: MGT 105

This course examines the role of business in society. The broad social, ethical, political, environmental and technological themes and trends are addressed and how they affect business operation. It addresses a complex agenda of contemporary issues and their impact on business and its stakeholders.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Business Certificate

Learn the basics of business by studying topics such as business writing, business problem solving, principles of speech communication, principles of marketing, and principles of business communication.

Marketing Certificate

This certificate program explores the basics of marketing along with topics such as business writing, business problem-solving and principles of speech communication.

Office Management Certificate

On your journey to becoming a successful office manager or administrator, you will review fundamental concepts and terminology related to handling day-to-day business operations.