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Start a New Career in Business

Allied American University has online degree programs that help students form new and fulfilling careers in business. These programs teach students everything from the basics of business to how to function and prosper in the business world. Because of this, AAU graduates come out prepared for all facets of business.

AAU Business Administration Degrees and Certificate Programs

  • Associate of Science in Business Administration Degree
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree

  • Why Major in Business?

    In today’s rapidly changing economy, a business administration degree will give you the necessary tools to compete in the business world. Graduates with an AAU bachelor’s degree in business administration may, for example, work as an accounting manager, marketing director, office manager or sales manager.

    Solid Business Fundamentals Start Here

    • Grasp organizational behavior
    • Gain knowledge of corporate finance
    • Learn about the legal environment of business
    • Utilize marketing to meet business goals
    • Research international business opportunities
    • Develop strategic business management plans
    • Conduct business research methods
    • ... and more

    Go Further with a Degree in Business

    Not only does having a business degree help your chances of landing your dream job, but degree holders often earn higher wages and occupy top positions. Acquiring your business degree certainly indicates your desire to be successful and is an ideal way to keep up with your competition. The following are some more benefits to acquiring your degree in business.

    Take Control Of Your Career:

    • Having a business degree greatly increases your chances of getting hired. Get an advantage over the competition.
    • Business degree holders have a better chance of being promoted and typically earn higher wages than those without a degree.
    • Having a degree shows commitment and the ability to understand a wide range of topics.

    Popular Careers in the Business Field:

    Having a business degree will open doors that most people without degrees can’t get past. By learning and mastering a craft, you build value for yourself and create a good foundation for future growth and success. Here are some careers you can strive for after earning your business degree:

    Accounting Manager - In this position, you will prepare financial documents, analyze reports and create forecasts. You’ll also be in charge of other employees who work with finances. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that median annual wages, excluding annual bonuses and stock options, of wage and salary financial managers with business degrees was $109,740 in May 2012 with the top 10% of the earners pulling in more than $187,000 a year.

    Sales Manager - As a sales manager, you are in charge or training and managing your sales team to meet company sales goals. It is your duty to analyze data, motivate your team and tend to customer needs. According to the BLS, the average wage of a sales manager with a business administration degree was $105,260 in 2012 with the top 10% of earners taking in more than $187,200 a year.

    Purchasing Agent/Manager - As a purchasing agent, you are in charge of buying products for your company to use or resell. You are responsible for finding suppliers, negotiating deals and providing financial reports. According to the BLS, the median annual wages of purchasing managers with business administration degrees was $100,170 in May 2012.

Business Certificates
Business certificate programs offer a career-focused education helping to prepare you for real-world opportunities.
Career Outlook
Check out some popular careers in the business world and learn the career outlook for each position.

Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree in business provides you with a high-level of knowledge of business concepts, readying them for a broad range of corporate positions.

Associate Degree

An associate degree in business helps you build a strong educational foundation in the exciting and ever-growing field of business.