AAU Bachelor’s Degrees

Bachelor’s Degrees

Allied American University Bachelor’s Degrees

Earning a bachelor’s degree provides a strong academic foundation for many rewarding career paths. Increase your knowledge base and learn what it takes to transition into an exciting new career through an AAU bachelor’s program below.

AAU Bachelor’s Degree Programs:
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Arts in General Studies

With an AAU bachelor’s degree, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a student-centered education along with flexible schedules, open enrollment, individualized attention and online college courses. Further your academic achievements from your own home, on your own terms.

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Benefits of an AAU Bachelor’s Degree:

Over 30 percent of today’s working adults over the age of 25 have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Accomplishing this feat opens up a significant amount of new jobs opportunities that were previously out of reach. The following are some more benefits that come with obtaining your bachelor’s degree at AAU.

  • Higher salary potential. One of the most obvious reasons to get a bachelor’s degree is to increase your salary potential and marketability. According to a recent study by the Bureau of Labor Statics, median wages for people who had a bachelor’s degree compared to those with only a high school diploma earned an additional $31,970 a year.* Which averages out to more than 1.2 million dollars over a forty-year career.

  • More career opportunities. Earning a bachelor’s degree online at AAU can provide you with increased career options, job opportunities and advancement potential. The Bureau of Labor Statics found that in 2012 about one-third of jobs were in occupations that typically require a post-secondary education to enter the work field.* So if you’re looking to open up your career options, getting your bachelor’s degree could be just what you’re looking for.

  • Higher Job Satisfaction. Working hard to land the job of your dreams can be greatly satisfying all by itself. And by earning a bachelor’s degree you’ll have more freedom to choose a career path that inspires you to do your best. When you work somewhere that allows you to express your opinions and creatively you’ll end up happier at work which can also translate to happiness at home.

  • Increased quality of life. Being able to keep up with bills and live within your means can lead to less money-related tensions. And with a bachelor’s degree it’s easier to afford the basic necessities of life which can keep the stress levels down. Landing a quality job that provides added benefits like decent health insurance and pensions plans can lead to a higher quality of life most people welcome.

  • More Job Security. People with degrees experience lower unemployment periods. In a general sense, the stronger your educational foundation the more job security you’ll have. And the greater the chance you’ll have a nest egg to fall back on in case something were to happen. With a 4-year degree, you have more opportunities to bounce back and find new employment should a situation arise.

*Source: Current Population Survey, U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Business Administration
Have your pick of business degree programs that teach students everything from the basics of business to how to function and prosper in the business world.
Criminal Justice
The Department of Criminal Justice offers you a supportive learning environment which provides an opportunity to develop the necessary skills to enter the criminal justice field.
General Studies
The Department of General Studies strives to provide a classical education to help you develop your skills and become comfortable in any walk of life, in any career and in any community situation.
Allied Health
The Department of Allied Health works to prepare you for real-world opportunities within the healthcare industry.

Associate Degrees

AAU’s associate degree programs provide focused and specialized online courses in a variety of fields. Find out which one may fit your education goals!

Certificate Programs

AAU’s online certificate programs are five-course programs designed for individuals looking to increase their knowledge and training in a career-focused field.