Credit By Exam

Credit By Exam

Allied American University - Credit-by-Exam Option

About Allied’s Credit-by-Exam Option!

We know you’re eager to get your degree or certificate. That’s why we’ve set up a system to help you graduate as quickly as possible. If you’re already proficient in certain medical areas, there’s no need to sit through an entire semester of classes to earn the credit. Show what you know by taking advantage of Allied’s Credit by Exam and save yourself time and money through this expedited credit earning process.

Don’t let your credits go to waste:

  • Graduate Faster - Get your degree or certificate sooner than expected!
  • Cut Costs - Take hundreds or even thousands off your tuition.
  • Efficient Learning - Don’t sit through lectures you already know.
  • Quick Credits - Earn college credits in a short period of time.
  • Skip Ahead - Start your education where you belong.

Medical Courses Offered Through Credit by Exam

Medical Office Management degree or medical certificate students may obtain credit for courses through Credit by Exam for one or more of the courses indicated below.

Eligible Medical Courses
BIO106Anatomy and Physiology**+4
BIO268Introduction to Pharmacology+3
HIM228Medical Billing and Reimbursement**+4
HIT107Medical Terminology+3
HIT260Basic Diagnostic Coding*+3
HIT270Basic Procedural Coding I*+3
HIT280Basic Procedural Coding II*+3
*Course has prerequisite requirement Total Credits: 60 **Course has co-requisite requirement

Application Process:

  • Students must apply for each exam utilizing a separate application, which is available by request from their Admissions Representative or Registration Representative.
  • There is a $70 application fee for each application for Credit by Exam. This will be charged upon approval of the application for Credit by Exam and is non-refundable once charged, regardless of the score received or if the exam is not completed within the expected timeframe.
  • Once approved for the exam, the student will be notified of approval and enrolled in the exam in iBoard. Students will only have access to the exam for 14 days from the start date of the exam.
  • These exams are proctored exams. Students must make arrangements for a proctor to observe the exam through ProctorU. The fee for this service is approximately $31.25. This fee is payable by the student and is separate from the Credit by Exam application fee.

Guidelines and Restrictions

  • Credit from the Credit-by-Exam option counts toward graduation, but no grade points are assigned, and the credit awarded will not be included in the grade point average calculation.
  • Credit by Examination cannot be used to meet residency requirements and is not transferable to a non-eligible program.
  • Students cannot exceed 27% of their program with Credit-by-Exam Credit.
  • Students must successfully complete the exam with a minimum score of 75%. All grades are final; students may not repeat an exam if a previous attempt was unsuccessful.
  • Students may not challenge a course they have previously attempted, regardless of the grade earned.
  • Students should be aware that some institutions may not accept the credit awarded for the exam in transfer.

Call (888) 384-0849 to speak with an AAU Admissions Representative.


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