Allied Health Certificates

Allied Health Certificates

Certificate Programs for Allied Health Professions

About AAU’s Certificate Programs:

  • Medical Administrative Assistant Certificate Program – Medical administrative assistants are in charge of all the daily administrative duties throughout the medical office like greeting patients and taking their information. They can also help the doctor with patient care when properly certified.
  • Medical Billing Certificate Program – The Medical Billing Program teaches students how to complete the proper forms and invoices with the correct medical terminology. Billers are the liaisons between the facility and the insurance companies.
  • Medical Coding Certificate Program – This program teaches students in-depth medical terminology and coding which is necessary to document a doctor’s diagnosis. Students will learn the ICD classification system used to record each patient’s medical information.
  • Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program – Pharmacy technicians work under a supervising pharmacist helping to take inventory and fill prescriptions at a pharmacy.

What is a Healthcare Certificate Program?

Certificate programs are designed to prepare students for real-world medical positions by teaching specific job functions for each program.

Medical Administrative Assistant Certificate

This program offers you a sound education providing you with the competencies and skills to enter the healthcare workforce as a viable team member.

Medical Billing Certificate

In this program, you will learn the background and importance of insurance, coding, and the billing processes encountered in a physician office setting.

Medical Coding Certificate

This program helps prepare you to input the appropriate code for various medical services in order for healthcare practitioners and providers to receive payment for services rendered.

Pharmacy Technician Certificate

This program helps prepare you to gain the educational foundation to perform traditional pharmacist functions, specifically in drug distribution, inventory management, pharmacy administration, and serving patients.