AAU Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight

AAU Student Spotlight

What do students have to say about AAU? Here are some of their experiences - from what’s it like to enroll in an online degree program to their ability to reach academic goals on their own schedule.

Alan R. Avery

I started Allied American University with the intent of taking a few classes while being stationed in the military. I was pleasantly surprised when they gave me credits for my military courses, and went right to work using my SMART transcript to set up a comprehensive degree plan. The academic advisor helped me through each step in using Tuition Assistance, and getting all the required paperwork submitted, so I would have no out-of-pocket expenses. I soon found that taking classes through Allied American University was a great plan, and therefore moved forward with getting my General Studies Associates Degree before separating from the military.

Heather Breton

Allied American University has made it feasible for me to achieve my educational goals due to the ease in which the school presents its courses. I am a military spouse, and a stay at home mother, with an eagerness to further my education. As a result, I received my Certificate in Business Administration, graduating with honors in May of 2010.

Allied American University offered easy to follow courses with thought provoking material. This enabled me to both care for my family while earning my certificate. Currently, I am working with AAU to obtain my Associate of Science in Business Administration.

I highly recommend AAU to anyone that wishes to go back to school.

Shane Crema

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems from Allied American University in November of 2010. I flourished in my studies, and consequently graduated Magna Cum Laude with an overall grade point average of 3.83. I was determined to complete my classes in rapid succession in an effort to apply for a commission as an officer in the United States Air Force.

I credit God and my family as my inspiration in meeting this educational milestone. I have been married for twelve years to a very supportive wife, and have three beautiful children. In spite of my family responsibilities, I found the time to complete my degree and continue my military profession.

I am currently an Airman in the United States Air Force assigned as a Client Systems Craftsman to the 86th Communications Squadron in Ramstein Air Base, Germany. I credit Allied American University with providing me the education needed to advance in my military career.

Melissa Madrid

I attended Allied American University and received a Certificate in Forensic Investigations in November of 2010. I am happy to say that I graduated Summa Cum Laude due to my high grade point average, and my overall determination.

Allied American University has helped me further my education not only with the classes and the programs they offer, but also with the MYCAA (Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts) scholarship program. Receiving my Certificate provided me with the confidence needed to continue my education, and pursue my Associate of Arts Degree.

Overall, Allied American University is an educational institution that makes attending online classes very smooth and easy. They want their students to succeed, and I am an example of that success.

Lorena Rueda

I have always been an advocate for education and my decision to attend Allied American University was because I am sick, which makes it more convenient for me to study online. I chose AAU because, as an Army spouse, going to a traditional university was not the best option for me due to all the relocation and traveling you endure in the military. Therefore, distance learning seemed like the best possible route, which led me to Allied American University.

Looking at all the certifications Allied University had to offer, I was particularly interested in obtaining a pharmacy certification which allows me to have a job where I can relocate, and have the opportunity of being with my spouse. I also decided to pursue an Associate in General Studies with a Concentration in Business because it is a very respectable degree that can be applied to various Bachelors’ degrees such as Computer Animation. Ever since I realized my passion for computer animation, I knew I had to dedicate myself to the education in order to reach my dreams of one day creating a computer animation movie. I am committed to self development, and I plan to continue to pursue a Bachelor’s in Business with Allied American University this coming winter, and also finish a Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems.

Getting a degree is not a simple task especially with an illness, but with dedication and perseverance anything is possible. I enjoyed the service and education quality Allied American University had to offer, which makes my experience more memorable. It is through education that I hope to become an instrumental member of society, using all of my energies to bring about constructive change and create a path to the ’good life,’ not only for myself but also for others. I would recommend Allied American University to anyone who is interested in having a higher education, because this university understands the challenges we face in life.

Matthew Snyder

Allied American University gave me the needed information to help legally set up and operate my new solar panel installation company. The licensing portion, which is one of the main steps in setting up any green business, was the most difficult. Since AAU planned for this, the topics covered in their lessons lead me in the right direction, and I was able to attain my license on the first attempt without any trouble. Confidence and knowledge were both attained through lessons and practical exercises presented by Allied American University.

Angela White

My decision to attend Allied American University was easily made due to the fact that the university supports active military service members and their spouses. Attending this online institution was the appropriate choice for me because no matter where my spouse was stationed, or if I worked full time, I was still able to complete my studies in a timely manner.

Obtaining my Certificate in Terrorism and Security made my life easier when I was selected for deployment as a civilian in Afghanistan. I learned the basics of security while attending Allied American University, and was able to effectively use that knowledge during my deployment abroad. This newly acquired knowledge allowed me to help military families take seriously what has being told by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service regarding not leaving bags unattended, having a buddy when walking around at night, and always carrying some form of identification.

I would recommend Allied American University to friends or military spouses because this school truly understands military personnel challenges, and are quite eager to help when called upon.

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