Student Rewards Program

About the AAU Student Rewards Program

Earn points for prizes while you study!

With AAU’s closure on December 31, 2016, we will be discontinuing student rewards items as they run out of stock. Once they are gone, they will be gone for good so redeem your points for items while supplies last!

As a benefit to our students, we created the AAU Student Rewards Program. The program is a simple way for our online university students to earn reward points for doing the things they would already be doing: completing their course work, participating in class, or completing a certificate program. In addition to that, they can earn bonus points for achieving high marks, submitting their end of course survey, and many other tiers they would naturally reach anyway!

The best part is that, as you earn and accumulate the Reward points, you qualify for prizes. For instance, earning an A grade will give you 100 points and earning a B will provide you with another 50 points.


Opt In to AAU Student Rewards Program100One Time
Assignment Submission CYU, HW, DB, PT, Final, Etc2Per Assignment
Passing Census20Per Course
Completing Course with punitive grade75Per Course
- Earning C25Per Course
- Earning B50Per Course
- Earning A100Per Course
Submit End of Course Survey40Per Course
President’s List200Per Quarter
Provost’s List150Per Quarter
Dean’s List100Per Quarter
Academic Distinction List50Per Semester
Return Hard-Copy Textbook
(Only the books with AAU return labels)
100Per H-Course
Completing an AAU Certificate Program250Per Conferral
Completing an AAU Associate’s Degree500Per Conferral
Completing an AAU Bachelor’s Degree750Per Conferral
$10 Gift Card (Choice of Amazon or Starbucks)$10 Gift Card (Choice of Amazon or Starbucks)1500
$25 Gift Card (Choice of Amazon or Starbucks)$25 Gift Card (Choice of Amazon or Starbucks)2000
$50 Gift Card (Choice of Amazon or Starbucks)$50 Gift Card (Choice of Amazon or Starbucks)2750
iPod Shuffle with $50 iTunes Gift Card or SanDisk MP3 Player with $50 Amazon Gift CardiPod Shuffle with $50 iTunes Gift Card3500
iPad MiniiPad Mini4375
iPad AiriPad Air5000
Join AAU Student Rewards Program


  • Be in good standing with AAU. To be in good standing, a student must meet the following simple qualifications:
  • You have to opt-in and maintain an active AAU Student Rewards Program account (points will be accrued after you opt-in).
  • Be eager, study hard, and have fun.


To enroll in the AAU Student Rewards Program, please log into your AAU Bookstore account. For more information about the AAU Student Rewards Program, please read the full Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions or issues regarding your account, please email our Customer Service Team at aauhelp@allied.edu.

Call (888) 384-0849 to speak with an AAU Admissions Representative.