Student Rewards Program Terms And Conditions

AAU Student Rewards Program - Terms and Conditions

    Welcome to the AAU Student Rewards Program! These terms and conditions govern the Program. The Program allows students to earn points each time students perform a qualifying action using the Program service. Students can use these points to obtain rewards. Please review these Program Terms and Conditions carefully. By using the Program service, students agree to be bound by these Program Terms and Conditions.
    All students of AAU who are in good standing are eligible to participate in the Program. In order to participate in the Program, students must opt in to the program and maintain an active AAU Student Rewards Program account (Program account). An individual student may have only one Program account. If AAU has a reasonable belief that multiple Program accounts are registered to the same individual, AAU may suspend or terminate any duplicate Program accounts and also suspend or terminate the student’s participation in the Program. In addition, only one individual student may be registered to an AAU Student Rewards Program account. Employees of AAU along with its affiliates and partners and each of their immediate family members and individuals living in the same households are not eligible to participate in the Program. AAU reserves the right to determine whether any particular user is eligible to participate in the Program.
    To enroll in the Program, please visit http://allied.edu/bookstore and follow the instructions. By enrolling in the Program, the student agrees to the following: keep his or her user name and password secure and confidential; keep his or her AAU Student account information updated and accurate; and notify AAU immediately of any unauthorized use of student’s Program account. AAU will deem any activity occurring through the student’s Program account to be the student’s own actions, and the student agrees that AAU may rely upon such actions. Other than the third party processing fees that may be applicable to redeeming certain Rewards or otherwise disclosed to the student, there are no fees to enroll or participate in the Program, though AAU reserves the right to charge fees in the future for use of the Program service.
    After enrolling, students can start earning points by completing the actions specified below (please note that these actions are subject to change):
    • Submitting a qualified assignment in a course. A qualifying assignment is defined as any assignment in an In Progress course that has a point value and grade weight associated with it.
    • Maintaining course enrollment beyond the census period.
    • Completing a course with a non-punitive grade.
    • Submitting an End of Course Survey.
    • Completing other actions that AAU may make available from time to time, such as returning a hardcopy textbook, making the Dean’s, Provost’s, and/or President’s List.
    • Point accrual will begin on the day of enrollment into the Program. Points will not be awarded for any actions completed prior to enrollment. All unredeemed points will expire if no qualifying action has been made from the student’s Program account for 180 consecutive days. Limitations may be placed on points from time to time at the sole and absolute discretion of AAU. For example, there may be limitations placed on points that a student may accumulate in a day or limitations on the number of times a student may accumulate points for performing the same action. AAU reserves the right to determine, at AAU’s sole discretion, whether a particular action qualifies for points. AAU also reserves the right to offer different users of the AAU Student Rewards Program service different quantities of points for the same qualifying action. In addition, AAU offers certain point-earning opportunities or rewards to certain users without offering them to all users. For example, AAU may offer certain users particular rewards based on their academic history, participation, or the rewards they have chosen in the past. Points that are validly obtained will generally post to the student’s Program account within 24 hours of a qualifying action, but in some cases it may take longer. The student can view the points balance as well as redemption activity by signing into the student’s Program account. Points obtained or accumulated are and will at all times remain AAU’s property. Points have no cash or other value, except to obtain rewards. Students may not sell, purchase, or transfer points or the Program account itself. Points will automatically be forfeited in accounts that are terminated or cancelled. When a student places a redemption order, the student’s Program account will be reduced by the number of points used to acquire the reward. If the student’s reward order is cancelled due to an issue with redeeming the reward (e.g., the reward is unavailable at the time), then AAU will reinstate the student’s points and notify the student of the cancelled order. AAU may also reduce the student’s point total in certain circumstances based on the student’s actions. All unredeemed points will expire if the AAU Student Rewards Program account is dormant for 180 consecutive days—that is, if no qualifying action has been taken. AAU reserves the right to issue certain points that will have an earlier or shorter expiration date. The points balance in the student’s Program account will be forfeited if the Program account is terminated for any reason. AAU may also remove points from the student’s account to correct errors. The student may not be provided with notice of expiration, forfeiture, or removal of points. The student is not entitled to compensation from AAU or from any other entity when the points in the AAU Student Rewards Program account expire, if they are removed from the account, if the account is terminated, or if the points are forfeited for any reason.

    AAU may establish membership tiers. AAU may, for example, establish membership tiers based on the total annual point balance in the student’s Program account during a calendar year. Different membership tiers may, for example, give members the opportunity to obtain additional points, exclusive content, and exclusive features. AAU needs the flexibility to change the program to provide the best experience for the users. Accordingly, if AAU establishes membership tiers, AAU reserves the right to change the membership tiers, the number of points required to obtain membership tiers, or terminate the membership tiers at any time, at AAU’s sole discretion. In addition, AAU may determine the benefits to which a particular membership tier may be entitled and may change those benefits at AAU’s sole discretion.
    Students may redeem points for merchandise, gift cards, offers, or other rewards listed in the Rewards Catalog while supplies last. To redeem points in the student’s Program account for a reward, visit the Rewards Catalog at any time. The Rewards Catalog contains the current list and description of available rewards, as well as the number of points necessary to obtain each reward. AAU reserves the right to change the Rewards Catalog without notice, and AAU does not guarantee the availability of any particular reward. AAU also reserves the right to change the number of points required to redeem a particular reward. AAU may also require that students provide additional information (e.g., name, address, or other information) in order to redeem a reward, and receipt of the reward is contingent upon providing AAU with the information that is requested. A particular reward may be subject to specific terms and conditions that will be disclosed in the Rewards Catalog, such as the expiration date of the Reward, the purchase or other requirements to use or deliver the Reward, any return policy requirements and any warranties for the reward, or any other limitations or restrictions on obtaining, retaining, or using the reward. Neither AAU nor the merchant providing the reward will be liable if a reward expires prior to redemption for the reward or its use. The student and the merchant providing the reward are responsible for compliance with all laws related to redeeming and receiving the reward, including the payment and collection of any applicable federal, state, or local taxes. The aggregate value of the rewards that any individual user of AAU’s service may receive during a calendar year is limited to $550 (in U.S. currency). AAU may, in our sole and absolute discretion, waive the $550 limit for a user; however, if this occurs, the user agrees that he or she will provide a W-9 and such other information as the Program may request. AAU may deliver rewards electronically (i.e., through the email address associated with the account) or by mail. The delivery time may vary. Rewards will not be shipped to any address outside of the United States. Any redemption of a reward is final. All non-merchandise rewards (e.g., gift cards and certificates) cannot be returned. Merchandise rewards may not be exchanged or refunded once a merchant has delivered the reward, unless it is defective or has been damaged in transit. Merchants, and not the Program, are ultimately responsible for replacing any defective or damaged rewards. Refunds, exchanges, and other issues relating to the reward are governed by the merchant’s terms and conditions applicable to the purchase. Redeemed rewards are not refundable, exchangeable, or transferable for cash, credit, other rewards, or points. Neither AAU nor our participating merchants are responsible for replacing lost, stolen, or mutilated rewards, including retail or travel certificates, gift certificates, gift cards, or merchandise. The student may not redeem points for rewards if the account has been suspended or terminated for any reason. AAU reserves the right to offer rewards through or transfer rewards to other promotional incentive programs offered by the Program and its affiliates or partners.
    AAU may communicate with the student regarding any matter related to the Program by email or by other electronic communications, including postings at the Program website. All electronic communications sent from AAU, or on AAU’s behalf, will be deemed to be communications in writing and will be deemed delivered to the student no later than the earlier of the date actually received or five (5) days from the date of posting or dissemination. The student agrees that by participating in the Program, AAU may contact the student about the account and to provide promotional and other offers. The student is responsible for any charges assessed by the mobile carrier for communications made by AAU to the student’s mobile device or other device.
    If there are problems or questions regarding the student’s account, please contact Customer Service at aauhelp@allied.edu. If there is an issue regarding an error or mistake with respect to the student’s account, AAU will use reasonable efforts to investigate and correct the error or mistake. In any event, the student must notify AAU within thirty (30) days of the posting date or the date of the alleged error or mistake in order for an investigation to take place of the matter. All questions or disputes regarding the Program, including eligibility, obtaining points, membership tiers, or redemption of points for rewards, will be resolved by AAU at our sole discretion.
    AAU may modify, restrict, or change the Program and/or these Program Terms at any time. These changes may include, but are not limited to, changing the terms of eligibility and enrollment, the number of points obtained for a particular action, membership tiers, the type and selection of rewards, or the conditions under which points expire or are forfeited. AAU will endeavor to notify the student of material changes to the Program and Program Terms, and unless the student chooses to terminate Program participation, the student will be bound by the revised Program Terms. Notification of material changes may be done through the email address that was provided, SMS or MMS messaging to the registered mobile device (which SMS or MMS message may direct you to a website for the changed Program Terms), posting such changes on the Program website, or by any other appropriate method, as AAU may determine. AAU also reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Program at any time, at AAU’s sole discretion, without liability or compensation to the student.
    Occasionally AAU may review the validity of the student’s account, qualifying actions, and compliance with these Program Terms. In addition AAU may, but is not required to, review the point balance to confirm if any errors have been made in the calculation of the point balance. Based on any such review or if AAU otherwise deems it necessary (e.g., if it is believed that there have been non-qualifying actions), AAU may authorize an adjustment to the points balance in the account and/or membership tier. These adjustments can be positive or negative. Details on adjustments can be found on the Program website. Students are responsible for periodically verifying the accuracy of their points balance.
    The student may cancel his or her account at any time by notifying Customer Service at aauhelp@allied.edu. AAU reserves the right, at AAU’s sole discretion, to suspend or terminate a student’s account, to remove or refuse to award points, or cancel rewards associated with the account, for any reason at any time including if AAU has a reasonable belief that: (1) points or rewards were improperly obtained or obtained fraudulently; (2) the student has violated these Program Terms, including, without limitation, opening, or maintaining multiple accounts or engaging in fraudulent activity to obtain or redeem points; or (3) the student has otherwise abused or tampered with this Program. In addition, AAU reserves the right to suspend or terminate the student’s account if the student has not completed any actions qualifying for points for 180 consecutive days. When an account is cancelled or terminated for any reason, any and all point balances, redeemed rewards, or other benefits associated with the account, will be forfeited or cancelled effective as of the date of such termination.

Last Modified: July 19, 2013

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