AAU Student iBoard Mobile App

Student iBoard Mobile App

AAU Student iBoard Mobile App

Your Convenient, On-The-Go Classroom Access!

If there is anyone that knows what it’s like to be a busy, multitasking, and on-the-go student, it’s an online student. At Allied American University, we get that. It’s why we launched the AAU Student iBoard App! The App is designed to provide students with a simple way to access coursework, class notes, student discussions, and instructor feedback from the convenience of a Smartphone. Whether you are out picking up your kids at school, running a quick errand in between your courses, or at the library hunkering down for some last-minute studying, you will be able to access what you need with the help of the Student iBoard App.

How the iBoard App Benefits You

  • With the iBoard Mobile App, you will have the means to maintain course engagement wherever you are. This can help improve your focus and dedication, which ultimately benefits your experience and achievements as an online student.
  • It will help you stay organized. By having access to iBoard from your desktop/laptop and your phone, you will always have access to ongoing discussions with classmates and instructors. You’ll also never forget which courses you are taking and how far along you are in each course.
  • It’s just downright convenient for the above reasons and so many more. Plus, it’s not always easy to lug around a laptop if you are on-the-go and want to check in on a course discussion or see if an instructor has provided feedback on an assignment.

What You Can Do With the App

  • View recent announcements from the instructor.
  • See your Upcoming, In Progress, and Course History folders.
  • Find out your course end dates.
  • Discover your cumulative point total.
  • Contact your instructors.
  • Look at your course progress.
  • Gather instructor feedback.
  • Launch your e-text.
  • Access and post to your Discussion board.

Access iBoard on-the-go by visiting our mobile version at: http://mstudent.allied.edu/. You can also download the iBoard app on the Google Play store. For more information on our mobile version, including any technical questions or assistance, please give us a call at (888) 384-0849.

Call (888) 384-0849 to speak with an AAU Admissions Representative.