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Get involved! Just because classes are online doesn’t mean you don’t get to socialize with your peers. Stay connected to school news, events, promotions, videos, job outlooks and much more through the exciting world of social media.

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Simplify your life with social media:

  • Twitter: Get instant updates about your courses and stay current with school news.
  • LinkedIn: Keep your LinkedIn Page up-to-date. Increase your chances of finding a new job.
  • YouTube: Learn about AAU programs and courses and how they transition into careers.
  • Blog: Stay informed on industry changes and trends.
  • Facebook: Read and share about your AAU experience with your peers.

Take a social networking break

Words for inspiration. We’ve compiled a list of eloquent and inspiring quotes and musings that can inspire you to reach your 2014-15 goals, or simply give you a brighter outlook in any season.

Where do you study?

Online learners can study anywhere, whether it’s at home, at the coffee shop or at the park. Tweet us your favorite place to study at @AAUniversity.

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