Student Academic Honors:

Honors Students

Dean’s List, Provost’s List, President’s List and Academic Distinction

2015 Honors Lists:

It is our very great pleasure to announce the latest Allied American University students to be recognized for academic excellence in their coursework with AAU.

All enrolled AAU students who are pursuing a certificate or an Associate or a Baccalaureate degree are eligible to receive academic honors and recognition on an ongoing semester basis. We have created three tiers of student academic recognition based on the recognized academic standards of our student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA):

President’s List: 3.8 - 4.0 | Provost’s List: 3.7 - 3.79 | Dean’s List: 3.5 - 3.69
In addition, those students who have raised their GPA by at least 0.5 in their pursuit of a degree or an academic certificate over the semester, are recognized on the list for Academic Distinction. We are so proud to recognize our students who have achieved academic excellence in their scholarly activities. All recipients will be recognized here on our website and will receive written congratulations from either the President, Provost or Dean. We look forward to continued opportunities to recognize and motivate our outstanding students at AAU!

2016 2nd Quarter Honors Students