Faculty Spotlight

AAU Faculty Spotlight

Take some time to get to know our AAU faculty members. Below you’ll find in-depth interviews from some of our most dedicated teachers and faculty.

Mary-Lynn Chambers - General Studies Department

As a teacher whose heart beats with a passion to inspire, I have found it a true honor to impart to our AAU students the knowledge that will help equip them to communicate effectively through both the written and spoken word. Not only is the pen mightier than the sword, but so, too, is the microphone. The students at Allied American University are men and woman who understand the value of an education and are willing to sacrifice in order to benefit all they can from this educational opportunity. I am proud to be part of the team that lights the way on this educational path.

Dr. Chambers earned a Ph.D. in Technical and Professional Discourse from East Carolina University. She also holds a master’s degree in Technical and Professional Communication from East Carolina University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Western Ontario.

Dr. Chambers has been teaching and/or tutoring English for more than twenty-eight years. Her specialty is composition, although she thoroughly enjoys teaching speech and literature classes too. She has been an instructor at Allied American University since September 2011.

From the survey:

#1: What has the instructor accomplished above and beyond the norm to ensure excellence in the instructional experience?

Dr. Chambers was very "hands-on" with her instructions and encouragement. Any question was answered quickly and courteously.

#2: Judgment in dealing with student issues

I had an issue with Turn-it-In. Dr. Chambers was understanding and helpful. She even notified the school.

#3: Reasons for recommendation for faculty member’s recognition

Dr. Chambers went beyond her scope of instructor. She was very thorough with instructions and made sure everyone knew what to expect. In addition, she ensured that we knew what we were doing and that our grade was earned and worked for.

Additional comments:

Because Dr. Chambers really was reachable (she did answer her phone) and ensured the class knew the material, she should be recognized.


Nick Tranchina - Criminal Justice Department

I would like to thank the nominating committee for bestowing on me the honor of being named the outstanding faculty member of the quarter. Although my time at AAU has been short, I continue to enjoy the daily interaction with our extremely professional staff and support groups, as well as and most importantly our dedicated student body.

AUU students display the commitment necessary for success in their education by taking the initiative and moving toward self-improvement to obtain their desired goal of a college degree. I am very fortunate and privileged to be a part of our student’s lives.

Nick Tranchina joined the United States Marine Corps in 1993 and served with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines. During Nick’s time in the Marines he had the opportunity to serve as a military police officer on Camp Pendleton located in California. It was here, Nick found his love and passion for law enforcement activities later guiding him to pursue his career out in the civilian sector.

Since that time, Nick has been a dedicated law enforcement officer for nearly eighteen years and works for a large sheriff’s office located in southeast Louisiana. Nick is a multi-skilled officer having worked in divisions including patrol, narcotics, investigations, special operations and training. Nick previously served as a search and recovery diver, as well as his department’s bomb squad commander. Since 2000, Nick has served on the special weapons and tactics team as the training coordinator and team leader.

From the survey:

#1: What has the instructor accomplished above and beyond the norm to ensure excellence in the instructional experience?

Professor Tranchina always makes sure that he keeps us engaged, he gives us positive feedback, and is always asking us a question behind his feedback. He gives his students 250 percent, and if we need help, he even gets with us personally, he is very understanding, and he works with us to the fullest, very good professor!

#2: Reasons for recommendation for faculty member’s recognition

I have been with Allied for almost two years, and he is by far the best professor I have had thus far.


Phillip Le - Allied Health Department

I am honored to be selected as the recipient of the Outstanding Faculty Member for the Allied Health Department for this quarter. It truly is a privilege to be recognized by students and peers for the work I have done and will continue to do. While I am honored to be the recipient of this award, I am more honored just to continue to serve our school and our students.

I am extremely enthusiastic about mathematics and truly passionate about becoming the best teacher I can be. It is my goal to use this enthusiasm and an interactive teaching style to make the learning of mathematics understandable, applicable and enjoyable. It is my aim and purpose as an educator to share my knowledge and help students to achieve their educational and career goals.

Mr. Le earned a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a master’s degree in mathematics from Drexel University in Philadelphia. While working in the field of engineering, he discovered his true passion was in education. In particular, teaching mathematics. Over the past ten years, he has taught in a variety of settings including campus - based and online classes to really diverse groups of students. This has given him a lot of perspective in terms of the needs of our students.

From the survey:

#1 What has the instructor accomplished above and beyond the norm to ensure excellence in the instructional experience?

He answered questions and gave a lot of instructions that were very helpful. He was my math teacher.

#2: Judgment in dealing with student issues

He was always available, one of the best so far.

#3: Reasons for recommendation for faculty member’s recognition

He had a lot of input. Questions were usually answered same day.

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