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Why Major in Business?

Allied American University (AAU) offers both an associate and bachelor's degree in Business. Allied's program grounds you in the fundamentals of business by exposing you to both the theories and practices of this dynamic field. The business degree program features online college courses on such important topics as business law, marketing and economics, as well as the essentials of management.

In today's rapidly changing economy, a business administration degree will give you the necessary tools to compete in the business world. Graduates with an AAU bachelor's degree in Business Administration may, for example, work as an accounting manager, marketing director, office manager or sales manager.

Solid Business Fundamentals Start Here

AAU is more than a place to earn your business degree. It is a place to gain the solid fundamentals you need to succeed spectacularly in today's business atmosphere.

  • Grasp organizational behavior
  • Gain knowledge of corporate finance
  • Learn about the legal environment of business
  • Utilize marketing to meet business goals
  • Research international business opportunities
  • Develop strategic business management plans
  • Conduct business research methods
  • ... and more

Be prepared to enter the business market and grow toward a variety of careers that require your background and expertise.

Graduates Can Consider Such Rewarding Careers As:

Accounting Manager - You are the go-to person for senior management who needs financial details. You can also manage a team of accountants and oversee the company's annual budget. The BLS states that median annual wages, excluding annual bonuses and stock options, of wage and salary financial managers with business administration degrees were $99,330 in May 2008.

Marketing Director/Manager - Strategize marketing goals to help your company succeed. Determine focus markets, create niches and brand corporate and product images to stand out in the market. The BLS notes that the median average annual salary for marketing managers with business administration degrees is $118,160.

Sales Manager - Your sales team looks to you to establish goals and implement training programs. Guide the sales plan of your company and analyze corporate statistics and inventory levels. According to the BLS, the average hourly wage of a Sales Manager with a business administration degree is $53.64, with top earners taking in $80 or more per hour.

Purchasing Agent - Research suppliers for the best deals on products and services, and make purchases on behalf of your company that can maximize the bottom line. According to the BLS, the median annual wages of purchasing managers with business administration degrees were $89,160 in May 2008.


Request more information about AAU's online associate and bachelor's degree programs in Business.

With flexible online programs, affordable payment options and live student support, AAU is your choice for a business associate or bachelor's degree that puts you on track for a truly fulfilling career.


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