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Academics at Allied American University

AAU's strategic plan is to create a true academic culture by emphasizing faculty-driven educational programs that lead to the acquisition of knowledge and skills, measured by a formal institutional research process, which empowers students to achieve the outcomes of information literacy, career advancement, personal enrichment, leadership and service to the community.

What Online Distance Learning Offers You

AAU offers student-centered academic programs in a distance learning environment that allows students to pursue their education from the comfort of their home, workplace or wherever they choose to study.

We understand that everyone's educational goals are unique. Whether you're a first-time college student or a working professional looking to enhance your skills, we have convenient accredited online college degree and certificate programs that will help you meet your educational and career goals. Get started today! What do you want to accomplish?

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

  • Information Literacy: AAU graduates will be able to research, evaluate, and effectively use information to accomplish a specific purpose.
  • Technological Competency: AAU graduates will solve problems using appropriate technological tools.
  • Ethical Leadership: AAU graduates will demonstrate ethical leadership in the workplace and in society.
  • Scientific Reasoning: AAU graduates will analyze issues and solve problems by applying the scientific method to address empirical issues and solve appropriate problems.
  • Diversity/Global Literacy: AAU graduates will apply globally diverse perspectives to analyzing problems and developing solutions.
  • Quantitative Reasoning/Literacy: AAU graduates will apply advanced mathematical concepts to solve real-world problems.
  • Communication: AAU graduates will model higher order skills of communication, presenting clear and concise arguments, exercise persuasion, and present effective logic through oral and written discourse.
  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning: AAU graduates will apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to analyze content, discover meaning or significance, draw conclusions, formulate solutions, and monitor results.
  • Lifelong Learning: AAU graduates will demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning.



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